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What is Humidification?

Humidification is a means by which the degree of moisture in the air is increased. This process can occur by applying various methods such as steam, atomisation or evaporation.  

Why humidify?

Whether it is a question of people feeling comfortable and staying healthy in enclosed rooms, or artefacts being preserved in a museum, or high performance computers continuing to function at their peak, or rejected goods being kept at a minimum, or fruit, vegetables and meat staying fresh in cold stores to keep their appetising appearance (colour, form etc.), the correct level of humidity is crucial for an optimal room climate.

Experts agree that a minimum of 40% relative humidity is essential in order to guarantee a room climate that is both healthy and comfortable. In order to maintain optimal conditions moisture needs be added to the air, this can be achieved by means of various technologies, i.e. steam, atomisation, evaporation.

Isothermal and adiabatic humidification?

The degree of moisture in the air can be increased by using two different types of procedures:

  • through isothermal humidification (vaporisation)
  • through adiabatic humidification (atomisation) 

During the isothermal humidification process, water is brought to boiling point causing water vapour to be dispersed into the air. To change the state of water, an external source of energy is required.

During the adiabatic humidification process the water is finely atomised (aerosol) and mixes with the air. Through this process, the temperature in the ambient air can decrease (free cooling) so much that it is necessary for it to be reheated.

Aireven can advise you on the best technology for your humidification application.

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