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Condair RS Resistive Steam Humidifier with Blower Pack

This resistive steam humidifier with fan unit will deliver up to 40kg/h directly to a room's atmosphere. The fan unit can be positioned either directly on top of the humidifier or located remotely. A dual speed fan provides either quiet operation or high output and the fan unit is rated to IP21

Condair RS - Resistive Steam Humidifier

with advanced scale management

The Condair RS resistive element humidifier offers highest accuracy performance for humidity critical applications. It achieves this without the expense of plastic disposable boiling cylinders, plus it simplifies maintenance with its unique scale management system.

When scale forms inside the stainless steel tank and on the heating elements it breaks off under normal operation and falls into the externally located scale collector tank. Scale removal is a simple process of draining the humidifier with the push of a button, then removing the external scale collecting tank and emptying it. The humidifier can be returned to operation within minutes without the need to open the main cabinet.

The Condair RS Process Series can operate with mains water to provide ±3%RH control or with reverse osmosis (RO) or demineralised water (DI) to offer ±1%RH control accuracy. When operating on RO/DI water, scale build-up is virtually eliminated, therefore practically eliminating the unit's required maintenance.

The advanced touch screen controller provides intuitive control over operation and extensive reporting functions. As well as all operating parameters, the user can view trouble shooting suggestions and service requirements. A USB connection allows performance data, service history and faults to be recorded and downloaded for advanced diagnostics.

BMS connectivity via BACnet on-board integrated controller (BACnet IP and BACnet MS/TP Slave mode) is incorporated as standard and software updates can be updated via the USB port.  With optional hardware kits the humidifier(s) can be adapted to communicate with BTL certified BACnet IP, MSTP Master or LonWorks. 

Features and benefits

  • Touch screen control panel - each to navigate with operational and self-diagnostic info at your fingertips
  • Inbuilt BACnet high level interface as standard
  • Patented scale management system for easily removing scale
  • Cleanable stainless steel cylinder eliminates the need for disposable plastic cylinders
  • Highest control accuracy with RS Process of +/-3% with mains water and +/-1% with RO water
  • Can be used with RO water to significantly reduce service requirements
  • "Cold water pool" prevents water inlet and drain blockages due to scale

Suitable Applications

  • Laboratories, Cleanrooms
  • Museums, Art Galleries
  • Archives, Concert Halls
  • Hospitals



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