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Condair Esco

Live steam distributor for short humidfying distances

The innovative Condair Esco pressurised steam distribution system represents the first successful combination of ceramic rotary disk valve technology to achieve dead tight shut off, and the tried and trusted nozzle distribution system eliminates the need for a jacketed heating system. 

Offering low maintenance and high control accuracy, the Condair Esco steam humidifying system utilises steam from an existing steam supply network for humidifying. The performance ranges up to approx 2,000 kg/hr.

The ceramic rotary disk valve is completely wear resistant and ensures that losses caused by shutdowns are ruled out completely. A linear valve characteristic curve is guaranteed, thus enabling the achievement of a very high degree of control accuracy. Patented stainless steel steam nozzles draw steam free of condensation from the core flow. This enables the achievement of uniform humidifying. 

  • Ceramic rotary disk valve
  • A linear valve characteristic curve ensures an extremely high degree of control accuracy
  • Steam discharge free of condensation, thanks to patented stainless steel steam nozzles
  • Short humidification distances

BIM and CAD files are now available for this product

Condair-ESCO-BIM.gif To access 3D modelling BIM and CAD files for the Condair ESCO, please visit the AutoDesk website here


Suitable Applications

  • Hospitals
  • Industrial manufacturing
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