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Condair EL 
blower pack (fan unit)  

This electrode boiler steam humidifier provides humidification directly to a room's atmosphere. Its fan unit can provide up to 45kg of steam per hour making it ideal for direct room applications such as laboratories, printers, bikram yoga studios or manufacturing facilities.

The fan unit can be mounted directly on top of the humidifier or remotely and connected to the humidifier with an insulated steam hose.


Condair EL - Electrode Boiler Steam Humidifier

Condair EL electrode steam humidifiers offer reliable steam humidification and are easy to install, use and service. They can be integrated into HVAC systems or placed in specific locations for individual room control.  Models are available to serve small or large areas with outputs from 5 – 180 kg/hr.

The electrode heating system ensures reliable steam production from normal tap water without additional water treatment. 

The steam cylinders of the Condair EL last up to three times longer than similar models due to advanced water quality management. The mineral content of the water is precisely monitored and managed. Water with high mineral content is drained and fresh water added only as required, thus minimising scale build-up and reducing the energy needed to heat fresh water.

An advanced touch screen control panel makes operation simple while providing detailed diagnostic reporting. A USB connection allows performance data to be downloaded into Excel and the humidifier's software to be easily updated. 

Features and benefits

  • Reliable steam humidifier that's easy to install, use and maintain
  • Long lasting steam cylinders due to innovative water mineral management
  • Advanced touch screen control for easy operation and detailed reporting
  • Convenient and rapid servicing through cylinder replacement
  • Operates on standard mains water


Suitable Applications

  • Laboratories, Cleanrooms
  • Museums, Art Galleries
  • Archives, Concert Halls
  • Hospitals (Operating Theatres, Sterile Room and MRI)





Blower PackInstallation, Operation & Maintanence

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Condair EL Humidifier: 

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