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Dust suppression and odour control

Microcool high-pressure fog system

Fugitive dust (PM10 and subPM10) in the workplace is a major hazard for most industries. Failure to address any of these issues can affect the health of employees, the facility can also become subject to environmental citations and fines.

By adding a MicroCool high-pressure fog system in the work area, ultra fine droplets of water (less than 10 micron) fall towards the ground attracting and trapping the similar sized dust particles. The air is cleared of the fugitive dust leaving a clear and healthy work area, the dust particles can be collected from the workplace floor during normal cleanup operations.

Facilities can also face problems with malodours escaping from the worksite affecting the relationship with other nearby facilities. Stiff penalties are applied to those that ignore not only their dust but also odour problems. The MicroCool system can also inject minute particles of suitable odour control chemicals into the air. The fog droplets act as carriers for the solution, the water quickly evaporates leaving the chemical to swiftly do its work eliminating the malodour.

MicroCool Engineers work with the building operators to design the most effective solution for each individual application. Careful consideration is taken to locate equipment away from machinery or operations that may affect the operation of the fog system. Control systems are incorporated to limit operation of the system only when required (saving energy and water) or under the direction of a central plant manager.

MicroCool Dust Suppression systems are most effective in semi-enclosed areas where the wind speed can be controlled.

Typical Applications

  • Waste transfer stations
  • Entry doorways and tipping points
  • Waste disposal stations
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Rendering plants and animal operations
  • Woodworking and manufacturing (also for humidification)
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