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Condair Dual 2

Combined adiabatic and evaporative humidifier

Maximum hygiene and low-energy, thanks to hybrid humidifying technology.

The Condair Dual 2 hygiene concept is based on several stages:

Only demineralised and perfectly hygienic fresh water is utilised. All internal system water lines are drained completely when the system is shut down. The water supply line is purged automatically each time the unit is started. In addition to this, continuous monitoring of humidifying water conductance protects the humidifying system against mineral deposits.

Controlled silver ionising of humidifying water to meet requirements guarantees reliable neutralisation of bacteria and ensures that hygienic conditions prevail throughout the entire humidifying zone.

The patented evaporation unit consists of consecutively-arranged ceramic elements, enabling complete surface flow contact, total separation of aerosols and a high post-evaporation rate.

Continuous inspections by the Fresenius Institute verify that hygiene safety requirements are met. These are confirmed by the SGS Fresenius Hygiene Certificate. The humidifier performance ranges from 4...2000 l/h.

Suitable Applications

  • Museums, Art Galleries
  • Concert Halls, Archives
  • Hospitals
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