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Condair ABS3

Spinning Disk Atomiser

The Condair ABS3 spray humidifier can release up to 6.5 litres of water every hour into an atmosphere using low energy spinning disk atomising technology.

The ABS3 is hygienic. The water tank holds only 0.055 litres – hardly more than an egg cup. This small quantity is completely atomised within a period of 30 seconds. A purge function and siphon drain forces fresh water through the system when the power is connected or disconnected and an auto-drain feature flushes the system every four hours during non-operation. This ensures that water cannot stagnate in the system preventing the possibility of bacteria building up.

Easy to care for. Quiet. And for fine aerosol mist. Condair atomisers are a practical technical solution in industrial production, cold storage facilities and the breeding and keeping of livestock.

Condair atomisers are characterised by low power consumption and an enhanced atomising effect, thus achieving an excellent humidifying capacity.

  • Wall or ceiling mounted
  • 120 or 360 deg spray distribution
  • Air circulation: 280m3/h
  • Humidification capacity: 1.1 ... 6.5l/hr
  • On/off or modulating control
  • Low power consumption 230w

Suitable Applications

  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Hatcheries / egg storage
  • Cold storage
  • Cheese maturing
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