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Condair 505 and 505S

Atomiser for small rooms / greenhouses

The atomisation system produces the finest, absolutely drip-free aerosol mist and therefore requires no compressed air. The maintenance-free capacitor motor with built-in thermal overload switch has a low current consumption and minimum operating noise. The equipment is ready for installation with a level indicating device, and can be set up in any area. With additional deflector hoods (Z72 and Z73), the direction of either vertical or horizontal mist emission can be selected.

  • Equipment is ready for installation with mains plug cable.
  • One component humidification system (no compressed air necessary)
  • Water reservoir manually refillable or with water mains connection and overflow safety device
  • Air capacity: 80 m3/h
  • Humidifying capacity: up to 0.5 l/h
  • For rooms up to a max. of 150m3


Suitable Applications

  • Small research labs
  • Greenhouses
  • Cheese rooms
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