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Kele Building Automation Products

Kele Inc, based in Memphis, USA, is the leading supplier and manufacturer of building automation products in the world.  With access to over 300 manufacturers and 1000’s of products, Kele can offer almost any device to interface with your building automation system.

Kele was started by Roger Johnson and Ronnie Randall in 1983. Having spent a long time as temperature controls contractors, they had personally experienced the birth of the building automation industry. One of the challenges they faced, along with others in the early days of automation, was finding products that would fit the input and output requirements of the automation systems they were installing. While ample products were available from a multitude of manufacturers, finding the right product for a specific application was time consuming.  In addition, few, if any, of the manufacturers actually inventoried the parts.

The idea for a single source supplier that could offer a carefully crafted product selection and convenient customised service for everything input / output grew into Kele & Associates, the first to offer an all-inclusive package. Their customers embraced the concept and Kele has enjoyed nearly 30 years of continuous growth.

Aireven is pleased to be the exclusive distributor for Kele products in Australia. With local stock and access to Kele’s huge in house inventory, we aim to ensure you get what you need when you need it.

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