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NEW: The Condair RS

Resistive element steam humidifier
with advanced scale management


We are pleased to announce the launch of the newly developed Condair RS resistive steam humidifier. Its scale management system makes it the most user-friendly humidifier in its class with:

  • Reduced maintenance time
  • Reduced operating costs

  • Latest touch screen technology

  • Highest control accuracy

Patented scale management

Self-contained hydraulic unit

Scale falls into the scale collector tank and is easily removed.

Cold water pool

Multiple low energy pumps

Prevents scale forming on or blocking the water inlet and drain orifices.

Touch screen controller

Pump assisted drain

The latest touch screen technology provides intuitive control and advanced reporting.

No disposable cylinders

In-tank UV purification

Cleanable stainless steel boiling chamber avoids the expense of plastic cylinders.

Close humidity control

Touch screen control panel

Resistive technology provides ±3%RH with mains water and ±1%RH with RO water.

RO water for minimal maintenance

Designed for the user

Can operate on RO water to virtually eliminate scale build-up.


I nnovative and patented features make the Condair RS
the world’s most advanced steam humidifier

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