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Providing balanced humidity 
conditions where it really counts

  • Clean Rooms
  • Data Centres
  • Electronics Manufacture
  • Car Manufacturing
    • spray paint booths
    • engine testing

Clean Rooms

Precision humidity control is essential for high quality production in electronics, pharmaceuticals, and in other hi-tech industries. Airconditioning systems tend to dry the air, therefore correct control of humidity helps reduce static electricity build-up and maintains consistencies of the materials used, resulting in less wastage and increased productivity.

Aireven has the expertise to supply specialist humidification systems to achieve consistent humidity levels down to ±1%RH .

Data centres

Sufficiently humid air also prevents electrostatic charge. If the humidity drops below 40%RH in a datacentre, static electrical charge build-up can cause sparks that may damage servers and IT equipment, thus resulting in downtime and major expense in replacing critical equipment.

Engine testing

To test car engines in order to be suitable for the Australian market, humidifiers are used in test chambers to create and maintain conditions across a wide range of humidities and temperatures. The humidifier selected needs to be of reliable quality and be able to maintain close control over a prolonged testing period.

Examples of hi-tech sites using Aireven humidification systems include:

  • Boggo Road Bioscience Precinct, Brisbane
  • CSIRO Entomology, Canberra
  • Ford & Holden Engine Testing Laboratories, VIC
  • Silanna Semiconductor, NSW
  • Deakin University Animal Holding Rooms, VIC
  • Steritech NSW, VIC
  • Red Cross Blood Bank testing labs and storage facility NSW

Aireven can offer you a humidification solution for any of the above. 

Contact us to discuss your own application requirement. 

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