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Keeping the moisture in

Bikram Hot Yoga

As you know, hot yoga takes place in a room held at around 40 Deg C which protects the muscles and allowing a deeper stretch while detoxifying the body by opening the pores to let the toxins out in sweat.

Air to the studio is usually heated by a gas burner to 40 Deg C. However, this in turn can lead to a drop in the humidity to below 10%RH, which is very dry and could make exercise uncomfortable.

Aireven has helped a number of Bikram hot yoga studios through Australia to maintain the moisture content in the air in the yoga room by installing a

Condair EL humidifier.

With the addition of a humidifier, humidity is introduced to bring the studio back up to a comfortable 40%RH without affecting the room temperature and allowing the students to benefit fully from the class, and not suffer from excessive dehydration of the body, dry skin or sore eyes. Room humidity is controlled by a room mounted controller with a display which is wired back to the humidifier allowing the room conditions to remain tightly controlled.

Here are a couple of questions to ask yourself to work out if you could benefit from a humidifier in your yoga room:

What temperature and relative humidity are you trying to achieve? 39-40 Deg C / 40% RH

What is the actual temperature and humidity in the room? ____ Deg C / ____ % RH (measure with a hygrometer)

If you are not achieving your desired relative humidity level, give us a call to discuss how we can help you.

Suitable products for
this application include;

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